Comment Policy

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This comment policy is a place for the author to set the tone of his/her community and lay a foundation for what is acceptable. They also provide a reference for making moderation decisions. If the author ever needs to ban a member or remove a comment, the author will be able to refer those members to the pre-determined community guidelines that they may have failed to follow.

What to consider

When developing community guidelines, it is good to consider the type of community the author is trying to cultivate. Guidelines can cover topics like:

  • Etiquette - “Be polite and stay on topic”. “No self-promotion”. “Don’t flag/downvote comments because you disagree with a user.”
  • Expectations - “Your comment will be removed for reason X, Y, and Z”
  • Privacy - “Don’t post personal information”
  • Moderation Settings - “Comments containing links are pre-moderated”. “Discussions auto-close after 7 days”.
  • Anything else that you’d like members to keep in mind while commenting


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